Shared charging point for electric vehicles for a housing company

A shared charging point is an easy way to provide the residents of a housing company with an opportunity to charge electric vehicles. We deliver a charging point as a service in the car park of the housing company.

Get started with a shared charging point

For all residents

With a shared charging point, all residents will have an opportunity to charge their electric vehicles.

Easy to start

The acquisition of the first electric vehicle charging point for a housing company is a straightforward process. If the residents need further charging points at a later date, it is easy to expand the service.

Vehicle chargers pay for use

The chargers of electric vehicles pay for charging with Helen Lataus service in the same way as with other public charging points.

Hassle-free service

The installation of a charging point takes place without major modification works. Helen is responsible for maintaining the electric vehicle charging point.

Yhteinen sähköauton latauspiste mahdollistaa taloyhtiön asukkaille sähköauton hankinnan.

How to get a shared charging point for electric vehicles for a housing company

Decision of the Board of Directors

Discuss the acquisition of a charging point with the Board of Directors.

Selection of site

Select a suitable site for the charging point in the property’s car park.


Order the service with the form below.


We will contact you to ensure that the property is suitable for the installation of a charging point for shared use.

Delivery & installation

We will deliver the charging point to the housing company in about four weeks from the order.


At a housing company’s charging point in shared use, electric vehicles are charged with Helen Lataus service in the same way as in public charging points.

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