Solar energy from Helen

Did you know that the total annual production of solar energy in southern parts of Finland is at the same level as in North Germany? Take advantage of solar energy by ordering solar panels for your home or summer cottage. You can also start producing solar electricity easily by by renting a solar panel at the Kivikko, Suvilahti or Messukeskus power plants.

Get a solar panel for your home

Solar panels fit all roofs no matter what type of house you live in. A solar panel system can pay itself back already during its warranty period and it increases the value of your home.

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Delivery of panels

We can help you in the acquisition of a solar power system and panels with installation, meeting your individual needs.

Selling surplus electricity

Draw up a contract with us on selling your surplus electricity.

The easiest way to get solar panels

We deliver solar panels to your roof as a turnkey service, so all you need to do is switch the electricity on and enjoy the inexhaustible energy of the sun.

Solar electricity for your home

Choose renewable city energy by renting a solar panel. Your panel is ready to produce energy. Shall we name it after you?

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Kivikko solar power plant

Suvilahti solar power plant

Nurmijärvi solar farm

Now you can rent solar panels from Nurmijärvi solar farm.

Messukeskus solar power plant