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When you move home, we move with you. You don't have to start everything over when you change your address. We take care of all matters related to your electricity contract on your behalf.

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Tell us your new address by filling in the change of address form. At the same time, you can choose an electricity product that is suitable for your new home.

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Draw up an electricity contract for your new home. We take care of terminating your old contract on your behalf.

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Don't forget these when you move house

In the service provided by Posti, you can notify of your change of address to Posti and the Population Register Centre on one form.


Don't forget to notify the managers of your old and new housing company that you are moving.

Many companies will receive your new address from the Population Information System, but it is advisable to ensure this by submitting a separate notification of change of address to each company. You can check on the website of the Population Register Centre where the notification of change of address will be sent automatically. 

Removal companies are always busy at the turn of the month, and therefore it is worth booking them early.

Connecting to the internet at your new home may require a visit by a technician, and therefore it is worth notifying your service provider of your move in good time beforehand.

Make sure that your home insurance cover is sufficient also for your new home.

In a detached home, make sure that you have agreed on water supplies and waste collection. In Helsinki, draw up a contract on district heat deliveries or make sure that you have an appropriate electricity contract

In housing companies, major renovations must be notified to the manager of the housing company. Painting and decorating is permitted in privately owned apartments, but in rented apartments these must be agreed upon separately with the landlord.